Natalie Dean

Natalie Dean is a singer-songwriter and music producer based out of the San Francisco Bay Area. She began her journey with music at an early age with childhood vocal lessons and introductions to songwriting. Influenced by the voices of mentors before her, she grew up with speakers playing Billy Joel, Norah Jones and Sara Bareilles. At age 15, Natalie began her career as a recording artist, working in some of the most distinguished record studios in Nashville and Los Angeles. In 2019, Natalie attended a songwriting retreat in Nashville, Tennessee under the mentorship of Brett Manning and found a community of like-minded musicians,  driving her early professional development. 



Natalie has released multiple singles independently and has embraced the DIY musician culture wholeheartedly. From writing to producing, content creation to audience outreach, Natalie has always been a champion for independent artists and the passion that goes into being DIY. At her core, she believes that authenticity and emotional vulnerability is what creates real connections, and what counts when putting art out into the world. 

As an advocate for female presence within technology, Natalie set her professional aims to focus on learning music production and working her way independently around a recording studio. She started taking audio engineering courses whist finishing high school at Diablo Valley College in Pleasant Hill, California. She found herself inspired by the process of creating a record from scratch and the utilisation of modern-day technologies within DAWs like Logic Pro and Pro Tools. When it came time to apply for university, Natalie knew that she wanted to expand her scope and live abroad for the duration of her degree, studying what she loved most. In 2021, she was accepted to the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts and began her studies, working towards a (BA) of Songwriting and Production. Her hope is to encourage women to take up space in the music industry and help mend the gender gap within the technological sectors of the arts. 

Natalie’s current ventures focus on improving the present state of music therapy practices by harnessing technology like AI and VR. The “Affinity Project” is passion effort focused around expanding the reach of live music events and making them assessable to those who can’t physically attend. Whether it is due to chronic illness, neurodivergent disease, disability or long-term hospitalisations, the impact of music is just as effective as modern-day medicine. Utilising technology to expand the scope of music therapy and its application is a quest she is working to see through.