Kind Words

“Claire is incredibly knowledgable in her field of expertise. With Claire’s support I have been able to identify the source of my allergies which in turn has eased my discomfort and I have been able to enjoy playing the piano again.”

Piano Teacher, Surrey

“I highly recommend both Gwen and Nadine, I felt an instant connection and trust with both of them. Although, they are completely different personalities, I feel in a very safe place and have found them to both be incredibly helpful, kind and empathetic on my journey to be the best version of myself, a better father, partner and friend. It is hard to find people running a business in today’s world who genuinely care but I without doubt feel they have my absolute best interests at heart and this means so much to me. I highly recommend both of these amazing individuals.”

Partner of an Industry Professional, New Zealand

“Nadine seemed to understand me right from the word go & has an amazing compassion & understanding for what I was going through.

Warm & kind to talk to & also has a great input / insight into life which I also find really helpful.

A breath of fresh air to be around & I can slowly feel myself moving my life forward again step by step, piece by piece.”

Dancer/Musical Theatre, London

“When I first met with Nadine I instantly felt safe, heard and understood. Her unique gift of understanding artists, musicians and people of the entertainment industry is extremely rare and very needed in the world we live in. The Creative Well is the type of special organization that you end up referring all your friends to, your clients and even your family members. There is a solid gold sense of trust and a system built through the pursuit and passion of human wellness that works and works very well. Nadine’s work is important and her vision to educate and bring awareness as well as curating captivating projects about mental health is both engaging and innovative.” 


Music PR, USA

“Working with Claire has helped me get to the root of my debilitating health problems and severe allergies. I had seen multiple doctors, consultants, nutritionists and alternative therapists over the years and was worse than ever and desperate for a solution. Claire helped me to identify the root causes of my symptoms which turned out to be chronic Lyme disease and mold toxicity which had left me bed ridden, unable to work and severely depressed. She was patient, kind, reassuring and generous with her time. I am slowly making progress and able to get my life back. I highly recommend working with her.”

Scott, Musician/Composer, Glasgow

“Unyieldingly vigilant professional, powered on psychological modules both objective & sensitive; a rare, unparalleled marriage. Nadine shouldn’t technically exist, thankfully she does.”

Composer, UK

“In my career as a make-up artist I’m often at times a safe space for my clients to open up. Without hesitation I can always turn to Nadine’s council and referral as our businesses overlap and I am not a professional therapist. I trust her professionalism and she has been a sound resource for many of the musicians I‘ve worked with over the years, they all sing her praises.”

Noelia Rodrigues, Hollywood LA.

“When I first met Sean he instantly felt like a trusted friend, he was open and engaging, interested in me as a person. He was so easy to talk to and I really have valued our conversations over the last two years. I have also seen how wonderfully supportive Sean is of others and softly guiding them to the appropriate services.”

International Music Industry Professional

“Karl’s gentle approach to mentoring has given me the confidence to believe I can actually play my instrument. He is patient and encouraging and as a musician himself he understands creative blocks and has shared some great techniques with me on how to overcome them.”

Bass Player, Liverpool